Type 2 Handbags and Watch

These handbags fit my Type 2 style.
The dark gray bag is from Ross.  
The other two were from the Dressing Your Truth Store.
This handbag is from the Dressing Your Truth Store.
The flowered wallet is from Target.
The heart watch (bottom right) is from Charming Charlie 
and the other two are from Walmart.
This cuff watch has an oval face and mother of pearl teal/purple finish.  It was from Charming Charlie too.


Kathleen said...

Hi. I found your blog while searching for Dressing Your Truth type 2 info. I was so happy to see a link for a Friends Sale to DYT and signed up right away!

I love the purses you found. I'm currently looking for a new one and would love to know where you found these. They are perfect!

Audrey Crozier said...

I bought the dark gray purse at Ross. The other two purses I bought from the Dressing Your Truth Store in Utah when they used to sell consignment items. Do a Google search for "ruffled purses" and you'll find some that are similar. :)

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