One of My Favorite Books! "It's Just My Nature!"

"It's Just My Nature," by Carol Tuttle has been invaluable to me as a wife and mother.  I love this book because it's helped me create better relationships with my family. 

By understanding myself and those around me I can appreciate our strengths and weaknesses instead of harshly judging them.   

I am now able to honor and encourage my loved one's innate talents and gifts--instead of pushing them to become who I think they should be. 

Me, Type 2; Marc, Type 4; Syd, Type 1; Ryan, Type 4
"It's Just My Nature," uses Energy Profiling --- a new and unique profiling system that extends far beyond personality profiling.  

Energy Profiling brings a new level of accuracy by analyzing body language, physical features, thought and feeling processes, gifts, and talents, in addition to personality behaviors.

There are FOUR different Energy Types.  

Type 1: The bright, animated person who has a gift for new ideas and possibilities. The Type 1 expression is naturally upward, light, and upbeat. 

Type 2: The soft and calming person who has a gift for gathering details and making plans. The natural movement of Type 2 is fluid and flowing.

Type 3: The swift and dynamic person who has a gift for moving into action quickly to create practical results. The natural movement of Type 3 is active and reactive.

Type 4: The structured and exact person who has a gift for looking at the world through a critical eye and perfecting it. The natural movement of a Type 4 person is constant and precise.

I'm a Type 2--fluid, flowing, calming and finding out details are my main concern. 

My daughter is a Type 1--upward, light, random, upbeat and full of ideas. 

My husband and son are Type 4s-- constant, still, precise, exact, and structured. They have a natural gift to step back and see the bigger picture and how to perfect it. 

Type 3 people are dynamic. They "Do" things.  They are the ones that push themselves and others toward action to get results.  

This information can be applied in so many ways...relationships, careers, clothes, decorating, etc.  It's also a TON of fun to learn! 

(It's FREE!  Just enter your email address and get immediate access to the 20-minute online video course)

Learn more about Energy Profiling and See a Makeover in the Video Below

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J. Ahn said...

Hello Audrey!

Thanks for sharing. I just joined Type 2 group on Facebook. :-)

Your family looks lovely!

I look forward to your posts.


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