"Dressing Your Truth"--Before & After Photos

I’m really enjoying a program called Dressing Your Truth!   
It teaches you how to become your own beauty expert. 
Before "Dressing Your Truth"            After "Dressing Your Truth"

The Dressing Your Truth online program teaches you what styles and colors are best for you—from clothing and jewelry to hair and makeup.  The Dressing Your Truth online course comes with a color card with your colors and a style guide on the back so you know what types of clothes, jewelry and accessories look amazing on you.  It makes shopping a great experience instead of a frustrating one.  

I am so glad I know I'm a Soft and Subtle Type 2  and what looks best on me!  In the process, I have also learned so much about myself and others. Everything about beauty becomes easy and FUN with this program!

Here is a quick overview of each Type:

Type 1: The bright, animated person who has a gift for new ideas and possibilities. The Type 1 expression is naturally upward, light, and upbeat. 
Type 2: The soft and calming person who has a gift for gathering details and making plans. The natural movement of Type 2 is fluid and flowing.
Type 3: The swift and dynamic person who has a gift for moving into action quickly to create practical results. The natural movement of Type 3 is active and reactive.
Type 4: The structured and exact person who has a gift for looking at the world through a critical eye and perfecting it. The natural movement of a Type 4 person is constant and precise.

Before Dressing Your Truth in 2005
(Back) Audrey, Type 2; Marc, Type 4; 
(Front) Ryan, Type 4; Sydney, Type 1 
(no Type 3 in our family)
Family photos 2014

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Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Audrey! Nice to meet another type two. I followed you here from the DYT forum.

Amazing difference in the before and after pictures. My family has no T3s, either. But I have a T1 son who wears me out on a regular basis :).


J. Ahn said...

Love your family's Before & After photos! I don't think many DYT members have done this. It's absolutely amazing! :-)

kylieprice said...

Good blog: You should start many more.Love your family's Before & After photos! makeup artist in Sydney

Audrey said...

Thank you! I'm so excited to share Dressing Your Truth with other people.

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