Family Photos "Dressing Our Truth"

Some FUN Family Photos we had taken in 2009. 
This is one of our first family photos where I didn't try to color-coordinate our outfits.  I took the "Dressing Your Truth" course in the summer of 2009 and I knew that we would look best in the colors that match our "Energy Type."   As a Type 2, I dress in tones.   My daughter, Sydney, is Type 1-- she looks best in bright tints.  My husband is Type 4, and looks the best in pure colors.   At that time I wasn't sure what Type my son, Ryan, was.  Since then I've figured out he's a Type 4, like my husband.   
Marcus and I
We couldn't get Ryan to give a "natural" smile so Marc thought he'd help him out by tickling his ear.
And it worked!

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