Do you have a Fun-Loving Child in your life?

Do you have a Fun-Loving Child (Type 1) in your life--a child that may be viewed as "Hyperactive", or "Overstimulated"? The video above has some great tips for you to better support and honor their naturally bright and light expression. 
I've just finished reading "The Child Whisperer," by Carol Tuttle.  I love that this book is helping me understand each of my children and their unique natures--which helps me be a better parent.  The best thing about this practical advice is that I am able to use it immediately, which is making for a more happy and peaceful home.  I will be sharing a video about the four types of children over the next several days.  For now, I recommend that you LIKE The Child Whisperer Facebook page  to get a taste of what will become available to you on October 23.  Sign up to win a free copy here.
Here's a photo of my Fun-Loving Child, Sydney. 
She lights up my life!


Syd said...

Ah thanks Mom! I think this would be a good resource for me as I go into elementary education. Might be interesting!

Audrey said...

I think all teachers would really benefit from this information, especially if they have Type 1 kids that have a hard time holding still. They usually get labeled as ADD.

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