Emotion Code and INNERgy Healing

I am Emotion Code Certified, and I also own the Body Code program.  I've used both for a number of years and I was going to certify as a Body Code Practitioner until  the IDEALife INNERgy Method created Jennifer Dayley). 
After I had a session trying the  INNERgy Method  I was so impressed, I decided I wanted to learn it myself.
The INNERgy Method not only includes the same features as the Emotion and Body Code it adds in even more and is SO MUCH FASTER!  

Within one 50 minute session, the INNERgy Method gets to the core of negative dark issues and removes them, then replaces them with positive affirmations.  A BIG thing missing from The Emotion/Body Code is the replacement of the bad with the good and I think that is a huge KEY in feeling so much better after a session.

I don't have to test each individual trapped emotion/section like I do with the other programs.  One session using the INNERgy method can remove a Heart wall and lots of emotions, everything we can do with Emotion Code and Body Code PLUS more. 
Energy Moves at the speed of light...
and the INNERgy method heals in the speed of light.  I am so grateful for both the Emotion/Body Code because they taught me about muscle testing and how to get rid of trapped emotions. They were stepping stones to my learning this faster method of Energy Healing.  

Schedule a session today (scroll down).  You'll be blown away with how amazing and simple Energy Healing can be!
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