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I've been learning a lot about how the body's alignment and mechanics create health or create pain.  There is a wonderful website by Katy Bowman called, The Restorative Exercise Institute, that has peaked my interest and taken me on a new health educational journey.

I recently bought Katy's book, "Alignment Matters."  It is a collection of her blog posts and it is not only VERY educational, it is also FUN to read.  She has a delightful sense of humor and I found myself chuckling and outright laughing while reading.

I had no idea how important body alignment is to our overall health and well-being.  Our feet are the foundation of it all.  Our footwear  has been influenced by fashion and our high-heeled shoes have created pain and misalignment.  I found Katy's list of shoe choices and bought two pairs of "negative" healed shoes (Earth Kalso).  Walking in them has brought my body into proper alignment and made me realize I have had terrible posture and instead of walking I was "falling forward" and catching myself with a bent knee every time I walked anywhere.  No wonder my knees ached and I have had cartilage problems.  Here is a video of walking with a bent knee and in slow motion HERE and a video of the CORRECT way to walk: HERE and in slow motion HERE.

One of the blog posts, "You are bound to be Successful," is about vipassana meditation.  Katy said, "I became a Vipassana meditation student over two years ago, and I will say with 100% conviction, that it was the best thing I have ever done for my long-term health."   This is a very intriguing thing to say.  I had no idea what vipassana mediation was, so I googled it and there are free 10 day retreats about 250 miles away from where I live.

In another blog post, "Men have Pelves too," she talks about men's pelvic floor tightness and pain being the cause of many misdiagnosed prostate issues (she again refers to vipassana meditation). Here's what she says:

My Big Announcement:
If you work at all with the pelvic floor (male or female), if you personally have a pelvic floor disorder right now, if you have some sort of chronic pain issue that is “unsolvable” right now, if you are a noticing a relationship between your mental-state (stress) and a body ailment (pain), if you are NOT noticing a relationship between your mental-state and a body ailment, if you are a man, if you are a woman, if you work in the pelvis (or on or around), if you offer any sort of body therapy: You need to read this book.
So I read Tim Park's book, "Teach us to Sit Still."  It really is AMAZING!  I loved reading this book.  The depth of emotion and insight is mind-blowing.  I found myself going back and re-reading certain sentences because of the profound truth that was stated. He goes through years of pelvic pain and trying to find a cause/cure.  He discovers a book called, "A Headache in the Pelvis," that gives him the breakthrough information on the cause and what he can do to help himself.  This leads him to finding Vipassana Meditation.  His descriptions of the insights into himself, the pain and eventual peace that he experiences while meditating make me want to try it, too. 

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