Gift Giving Ideas and Traditions for Christmas

Do you have any great gift giving ideas and strategies for Christmas?
Here are some of the different ideas I've heard of that are similar to the four gifts idea above.

3 Gifts- (similar to the top picture)
1. One need gift- something to make life easier or more comfortable.
2. One thing to wear- a new dress, necklace, tie or dress shoes for church.
3. One thing to read- a special book just for them.
*Santa still comes and fills the stockings with fun little trinkets and fruit, but those are the only three gifts they receive on Christmas morning.  We then have a big traditional breakfast and explain that that the three gifts represent gifts of the Savior- he has provided a way for our physical needs to be met- (the needed gift), our spirits to be healed (new “sacrament” church clothes) and minds and eyes to grow (book.)

3 Gifts-
1. A gift to the Savior
2. A gift of love to someone in your family.
3. A gift to self.

4 Gifts-

1. Santa only brings one gift for each child.
2. Santa brings one family gift for the the family to share.
3. A meaningful gift to a family member. 
4. A gift to Christ
*Make a "Jesus Birthday Cake" the whole family decorates for your Christmas Eve dessert to help young children understand the birthday celebration for Jesus.  Then you give your "gift" to Christ (a new commitment to do better in an area or something you will do in dedication of Him).

How do you make your Christmas Holidays meaningful?

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