My sister's wedding

In March, my youngest sister Kassie married Jared.
We were so excited to join in celebrating her big day.
We helped decorate.  There were lots of chair covers and bows.
Kassie had a rustic theme with blue, green, and tan for colors.
She had little birds and lanterns on each table
Cute wedding cake topper.  I love the top hat & veil!

My mom and I by the refreshment table.

Kassie had "help yourself" candy for the refreshments.
You should have seen the adult's eyes light up when they figured it out!
The Wedding!
Kassie and Sydney before the wedding.
 Kass getting ready.  Her dress had amazing beading and roses all over.
Kassie was absolutely gorgeous!
All the girls with their aunt Kassie
 Kassie and her husband Jared
My favorite photo of my Mom & Dad
Mom & Kassie
 Dad & Mom with Kass & Jared 
Mom & Dad and their six kids
Kass & Jared's THANK YOU photo for their cards.


Kassie said...

Aud I've totally never read this! But this was so cute and I'm so glad you blogged about it. Thanks for that :) Love you!

Audrey said...

Thanks Kass! I thought you saw this a year ago, but I'm glad you found it near your one year anniversary. I love you too!

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