Dressing Your Truth for Men!

I love Dressing Your Truth for women, and now there is Dressing Your Truth for MEN!
Real men, real lives, real results.
See real men who are Dressing Their Truth, 
living true to their natures and feeling confident in the way they look…

See him for who he truly is.
It will make you both happier.

If you want him to better understand you and experience greater success in life, start with Energy Profiling, the first step in the Dressing Your Truth for Men course. How does he move through life?

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CLICK HERE to find out!

See my husband's Dressing Your Truth Before/After HERE

Magical Multipurpose Paleo & Primal Dough Recipe

Are you tired of wasting money on expensive gluten-free products that don’t live up to 
your expectations? Sick of lettuce wraps or coconut flour recipes that taste disgusting? 
Have a food intolerance that keeps you from making other Paleo recipes? Maybe 
you’re just craving pizza,
 crackers and bread but don’t want to fall off the Paleo wagon.

Gluten-free products are often filled with ingredients that aren’t good for you – 
stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives and soy. Most Paleo and Primal recipes 
use coconut flour or nuts, resulting in a product that kind of resembles what you
 want – but isn’t the real thing. Not only is this recipe grain-free, gluten-free, 
soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free and yeast-free, it’s also free of legumes, beans 
and nightshades, making it perfect for someone on an autoimmune diet.
* The best part is, it tastes amazing and it’s super versatile.

If you miss pizza that tastes like pizza or crackers that crunch, then this is the 
recipe for you. With your download, you’ll get two versions of the recipe – 
both Primal (with cheese) and Paleo (dairy-free) – plus detailed information 
about the ingredients, suggestions for extra ingredients like garlic or herbs 
and a tripled recipe so you can make up the dough ahead of time.**

You'll also recieve instructions on all the different things you can make with
the dough – including saltines, cheese crackers, rolls, cheese buns, hamburger 
buns, tortillas and pizza crust.

For the cost of less than one box of gluten-free crackers at the store, 
you can download this recipe to make over and over again.

Click here to view more details

Here's a recipe for Paleo Pie Crust

Earring and Necklace Organizer

I made this earring and necklace holder using a poster frame that I already had.  Normally I hang it vertically, but I turned it on it's side so I would have more room to add all the jewelry organizers.  I bought some "As Seen On TV" plastic necklace and earring holders for $5 at CVS pharmacy.  I attached them to the frame with sticky tape.  I had to securely attach it to the wall because all the necklaces are HEAVY. :)

I like the ability to see all my jewelry at once and I can always switch out the pictures later.
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