The Body Code and The Emotion Code

Much of our suffering in life is due to negative false beliefs that create struggle in three areas:




It is amazing how Energy Healing can help you discover and remove the underlying causes of emotional and physical disease, allowing the body to heal itself.  

I am Emotion Code Certified, and I own the Body Code program.  

I've been using these energy healing methods to help friends, family, and clients.  

I've used both for a number of years and I was going to certify as a Body Code Practitioner until I found a different healing modality called the INNERgy Method (created by Jennifer Dayley).  

The INNERgy Method not only includes the same features as the Emotion and Body Code it adds in even more and is SO MUCH FASTER! 

After I had an INNERgy Healing session I was so impressed, I decided I wanted to learn it myself. 

Now I also do Energy Healing Sessions.  
Go to my website:

With one 50 minute session using this method gets to the core of negative dark issues and removes them, then replaces them with positive affirmations.  

A BIG thing missing from The Emotion/Body Code is the replacement of the bad with the good and I think that is a huge KEY in feeling so much better after a session.

I don't have to test each individual trapped emotion/section like I do with the other programs.  
One session using the INNERgy method can remove a Heart wall and lots of emotions, everything we can do with Emotion Code and Body Code PLUS more. 

Success Stories
Morning sickness is a disconnection between the fetus and the mother.  I tested the connections between the mother's brain and the fetus, the umbilical cord, the amniotic fluid, and the placenta. The connections go both ways, so there are eight different connections to test for.  

This woman had seven that were disconnected.  She was also having an issue with dehydration.  I reconnected the ones that weren't connected using The Body Code and then emailed her the results and asked her to check and see how she was feeling during the next few days.  She wrote back and said she was feeling better! 

Read more success stories HERE

Energy Moves at the speed of light...
and the INNERgy method heals in the speed of light.  I am so grateful for both the Emotion/Body Code because they taught me about muscle testing and how to get rid of trapped emotions. They were stepping stones to my learning this faster method of Energy Healing.  

Schedule a session today.  You'll be blown away with how amazing and simple Energy Healing can be!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Audrey, I am very interested in learning what some of my trapped emotions are. I know it would help both my wife and me. Thanks. -Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey Do you know a Practioner in Los Angeles that does The Emotion Code and The Body Code?
God Bless

Audrey said...

You can find practitioners all over the world at this link:

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey,

Thanks for your informative post. Please could you let us know whether it's possible to practice the Emotion Code and the Body Code by yourself or whether it's necessary for people suffering from trapped emotions to find a practitioner to work through the issues.

Many thanks once again.

Audrey Crozier said...

You can do "The Emotion Code" by yourself or with a practitioner. If you get the book, "The Emotion Code," it will help you know what to do and be able to work on it yourself. For "The Body Code" program, you can do it for yourself if you buy the program or you can find a practitioner. If you aren't good at muscle testing yourself, a practitioner is very helpful.

Swan1 said...

A practitioner can work on you distantly and results are amazing.
Check out

Lorraine Rathi said...

Can you personally work clearing abundance blocks using the bodycode for me if I sign up for the special promo you have till july 31,2016
How many minutes session?

Audrey Crozier said...

I use an even FASTER method called INNERgy Healing. It encompasses the same things as Emotion Code and Body Code, but it has even more. Besides being so much faster, it includes the replacement of the negative with positive affirmations. Here's a link to a more thorough explanation:

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