Does anyone else LOVE Downton Abbey?

I have heard about Downton Abbey A LOT during the past few months, but I'd never watched it.  Two weeks ago Marc and Ryan went on an overnight Scout campout.  I was all on my own with the TV to myself.  We have Roku and Netflix and one of the recommended shows was Downton Abbey.  I do love historical fiction and the BBC portrayal of Pride & Prejudice, so I figured, "Why not give it a try?"  So I watched Season 1: Episode 1 and...

I was hooked.  Oh my goodness!  The costumes, the accents, the drama, the love triangles, the Upstairs and the Downstairs people, the CASTLE they live's so good!

So I told my mom and my daughter about it.  Now my daughter is hooked, too.  After watching all of the Season 1 episodes on Netflix I searched for Season 2.  They were only available on the PBS website and they are playing on PBS right now.  So I watched some and I'm getting the others on DVR.  Love it!!!
PS: Check out the theme music, too.  It's beautiful. What do you think of Downton Abbey?
Check out Season 3 here.

Wonder what Types the characters are click here

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